This is us

Sometimes in a dark cave, sometimes as a warm stream.

The cry of innocence lost and tears of life regain.

Namika is a sprout, a seed of love.

To breath space, to become void.


Namma Nami Peled

Nami is a life explorer, tribe creator, peace hunter & movement explorer. 
A mother of two, partner, world traveller.
Practicing yoga since 2001.

Bodyworker, breath coach and emotional Therapist. 
She has been teaching yoga, bodywork and therapeutic breath for 15 years.
Teaching international immersions and yoga tt'c in the last 10 years. 

A chaneller and movement facilitator.
She holds great respect for the elemental wisdom and Eco-intelligent.
Full of life and passion

To give love, to become love. Even in the deepest shadow or emotional wounding - love is the medicine

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Mika Schwarts

Shadows, Light, Beautiful, Ugly. Wanted, Unwanted - Can you love that too?

Mika bears the gifts and initiations of the emotional body as a priestess and tantrika - She holds a unique connection to the supernatural and subtle realms.

For the last decade Mika developed a unique system of emotional observation and embodiment in yoga practice, She guides people through their journey of awakening to their true nature.

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Ziv Croitoru

Whenever nature interacts with the courage of men, it immediately replies with grace

Ziv’s gifts are the Tantric approach to life embodied - immersed in society maintaining the state of consecration. Developing his skilfulness with consciousness, exploring and studying the technology and wisdom of the mystics through the ages.

His unique set of skills and knowledge as a Tantra practitioner, he’s devotion, presence and heart base orientation is the culmination of many years in service.

Beside Lead facilitator in Namika Ziv also practices Integrative Craniosacral Therapy (ICS), Leads Conscious Relating seminars and Sacred Sexuality retreats.

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