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Text about the SBE reatreat which is the flag workshop of Namika

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Explore the shadows of your being
Explore the shadows of your being
  • Relationship MasterMind with Ziv & Mika
    Ko Pha Ngan
  • SBE - Koh Phangan, Jan' 2020
    Ko Pha Ngan
  • SBE Retreat
  • SBE Retreat

Shadows, birth and eros

A Psycho Shamanic Journey into the symbols and archetypes of human history,
Feminine, Masculine, Spirit, Animal.

Between Black and White there are 100 shades of grey (Actually it’s 256.. But 100 sounds better). Same is the human experience, located somewhere on this cross - we each have our comfort zone, our natural disposition, and the aim of this retreat is to expand our internal mobility, to explore the shadow of our being.


SBE is an integrated, intelligent quest into the Self and the Tribe - Creating a transformative safe space to experience humanity in many of its shades, densities and stories.


We live in a time where Mankind and planet Earth is evolving frequently and exponentially, Our receptors for words such as Spirit, Consciousness, Energy, Union, Shamanism and the likes of them are opening up and with them the evolution of humanity.

This are times, where cracks in the wall of silence is cracking and the flow of ancient wisdom is becoming more and more available, these are times of energetic exchange changing old paradigms where few masters were holding the knowledge exclusively to a transpersonal tribal pol of wisdom shared with those who hear the call.

Derived from the above realization -
SBE -  was born. 


“An enemy is someone’s story you haven't heard yet”  - S. Zizek


The work is being done with the wish to externalise the stories, limiting beliefs and conditioning running our lives, seeing them in the light of consciousness of the group, accepting them as they are and choosing to keep them or discard and pick new ones.

A few themes we will dive in:

  • Mindfulness  /  Authentic expression

  • Emotional Exploration  /  Presence

  • Masculine  /  Feminine integration

  • Sacred Boundaries / Freedom

SBE is a radical, authentic experience of being in a shamanic laboratory where animalistic nature can meet the spirit. Where dark energies expressed and owned merge with the light in our being. Beyond genders, beyond forms.

A few themes we will dive in:

  • Presence

  • Eros temple

  • Tantra rituals

  • Shadow work

  • Shamanic breath

  • Organic movement

  • Emotional embodiment

  • Group forums / reflection

Meeting as a tribe at the theater of the emotional body, going into the medicine of authentic exploration, We invite you to come, to play, to be.